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Social Security disability hearings and appeals

While most people think of social security as a benefit that is received at the age of 65, it is important to note that millions of Americans receiving social security disability benefits are below that age. According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 9 million American workers received benefits under the Social Security Disability program in 2013.

Social security disability is designed to help workers who become disabled and are unable to work. For Ohioans who find themselves in such a situation, it can be a necessary lifeline. If their request is turned down for any reason, they may find themselves desperate.

Fortunately, the Social Security Administration provides ways to appeal its decisions. The process begins with something called a reconsideration determination. This is a way for a disabled person to have his or her case reviewed by another official who was not involved in the first decision process. This second official reviews the case and then sends a letter explaining the decision. If the result is still unsatisfactory, the disabled person can appeal the decision before an administrative law judge, who has the power to reverse Social Security Administration decisions. If that judge’s decision is still unsatisfactory, the disabled person can request another review by the administration’s Appeals Council.

Ohio residents who qualify for disability benefits, or have been turned down for one reason or another, may wish to consider consulting a legal professional experienced in handling social security cases. These professionals can help with the gathering of evidence, the strengthening of evidence-based arguments and preparation for the hearings or appeals.

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