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Congress tells Social Security judges to stop approving benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Social Security Hearings And Appeals

A group of members from Congress called on administrative law judges to stop approving social security appeals applications. These legislators, from the House, put together a letter with a list of accusations, including allegations that certain administrative law judges of “rubber stamping” the applications that cross their desk instead of conducting complete hearing. These members of Congress further accuse the Social Security Administration of mismanagement and abuse.

The acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, or SSA, countered that the agency simply does not have the financial support it needs. She also argued that the presence of judges who simply push denied social security disability applications through the system without a thorough review are becoming increasingly rare.

This is not the first time members of Congress have butted heads with the SSA, and will likely not be the last. It appears the battle between Congress and the SSA over how Social Security benefits, including social security disability, are handled will continue for the foreseeable future.

This can lead to headaches for those who are attempting to receive the benefits they deserve. Applicants who are initially denied benefits should not be discouraged. An initial denial is not the end; it does not mean you cannot still receive social security disability benefits. It does, however, mean more steps are necessary to receive approval.

Completing these steps can be intimidating and requires a large amount of paperwork. An experienced social security disability insurance claims attorney can help guide you through the process. Your attorney can gather needed medical documents and necessary forms to establish that you deserve the benefits you are applying for, better increasing your odds of a successful outcome.

Source: The Washington Times, “House GOP: Time to crack down on Social Security judges who ‘rubber stamp’ disability benefits,” Tom Howell Jr., July 3, 2014