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July 2014 Archives

SSDI's trust fund is running on fumes

Beneficiaries of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program here in Ohio are probably concerned by the recent news from Washington. Congressional testimony reiterated the fact that without a change in the funding formula for the SSDI program, the trust fund that contributes part of the benefit payment will become insolvent next year.

Social Security in trouble due to growing population

Social security disability is supposed to be there to help those who have been hurt or fall ill at work in Ohio and other states. The benefits typically cover medical needs and time off, so these people don't have to struggle to make ends meet. A report from July 16 suggests that baby boomers and the unemployed are depleting the disability funds. There is concern that if this continues, the reduction in funds may make it hard for people to get disability when they need it.

More problems for the SSDI program

The operation of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is facing many challenges. The trust fund that helps support the payments from the system is rapidly approaching exhaustion. If Congress fails to act, this could lead to a significant reduction in benefit payments.

How can safety be improved for construction workers in Ohio?

Construction workers are exposed to hazards every day, but would it surprise you to know that some of the injuries and deaths that have happened were from simple falls or equipment collapsing? These are things that safety manuals talk about, but safety isn't always enforced.

Congress tells Social Security judges to stop approving benefits

A group of members from Congress called on administrative law judges to stop approving social security appeals applications. These legislators, from the House, put together a letter with a list of accusations, including allegations that certain administrative law judges of "rubber stamping" the applications that cross their desk instead of conducting complete hearing. These members of Congress further accuse the Social Security Administration of mismanagement and abuse.

Ohio senator speaks out on Social Security benefits

For disabled Ohio readers, the political back and forth between Republicans and Democrats over Social Security Disability benefits, might be disheartening. For those who are disabled, all they want to do is take care of themselves and their family, and there is often no other way without this program. Attorneys who represent the disabled understand this and are their best advocates.

Explosion kills 1, causes on the job injury to 8 at factory

An explosion at the General Motors factory in Indiana that could have employed people from Ohio or family members of those in Ohio is now being investigated. It resulted in the death of one person and the injury of at least eight others. This news might be a surprise to you since these facilities tend to have strict safety procedures.

Could doctors prevent brain damage with new drug?

Most people, after suffering a head injury, wonder if it could lead to brain damage. If it does, then that person is left with another looming question: will the damage temporarily disable me or will I be permanently disabled? Anyone would consider it an uneasy question to ask and even a more difficult one to answer.

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