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June 2013 Archives

Why do so many misunderstand how to fund Social Security?

There are many complex elements about Social Security, such as completing a successful application for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, that we are always a little bit disappointed when we read article about Social Security and its funding issues and they misunderstand fairly simple concepts. The annual release by the trustees of the Social Security trust fund is often an occasion for these "misunderstandings" to come to the fore.

Get your SSDI benefits sooner rather than later

Countless people have experienced a workplace injury in Franklin, Ohio. While not all injuries are serious, some can be much worse than others, potentially leaving a person disabled and unable to work. When this happens, an employee has the option of requesting benefits from the Social Security Administration, particularly in the form of disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance is something that many workers are allowed to access, as long as they can prove their claims with medical evidence.

Ticket to Work enables SSDI beneficiaries to return to work

Some people in Ohio who qualify for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) may find that they could return to work if they had the right guidance and some help. On the other hand, they may recall how difficult it was to obtain their SSDI benefits and may not want to attempt reentering the workforce and risk losing their disability benefits.

Severe brain injury could be the end of life as you know it

When an employee is exposed to unsafe work conditions, the consequences can be catastrophic. Few people in Franklin, Ohio, worry about the chances that this could happen; this is a mistake. Without attentive workers, supervisors and proper regulations, the workplace could quickly become a hazardous environment for employees. From time to time, the workplace does devolve into this and it has left many individuals injured, some with moderate injuries and others with severe ones.

Migraines: not your ordinary headache

If you live with migraine headaches, you know the discomfort can range from pressure and pain to agonizing reactions to sound, light and touch. The world hurts. If your migraines strike occasionally, they can be debilitating, but you probably can continue working and maintain the rest of the responsibilities of your life. Others are not so lucky. Their encounters with migraines may be frequent and overwhelming. These are chronic migraines and they may leave you disabled, unable to even hold a job.

State Supreme Court rules on man's compensation claim

A ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court may play a factor in future workers' compensation claims in the state. A man who was injured at work was compensated for his physical pain but not for his emotional pain. This is because his mental health issues were reportedly unrelated to the physical injuries he sustained. The Supreme Court ruled that in order for a worker to be compensated by the state for mental health issues, the issues must be related to the physical injury.

Is it really a mental impairment?

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits are available for persons with mental impairments. And similar to the process for obtaining benefits for physical impairment, an applicant must provide medical evidence to demonstrate the mental impairment. Unlike physical impairments, such as a heart condition or paraplegia, it may be more difficult to prove the existence of a medically determinable impairment when it is a mental impairment.

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