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February 2013 Archives

Backlog for SSDI likely to grow after sequestration

The long feared and much publicized sequestration appears to be on track to begin on March 1, as Congress appears incapable of meaningful action. Fortunately, for people receiving old age and SSDI benefits, those benefits will not be affected, as the now mandatory electronic delivery of payments, which also begins on March 1, is mostly automated. The rest of the SSA, however, will be affected by what could potentially be a billion dollars in cuts.

The complexities of disability and retirement

When an injury leaves a person in need of recovery, there is the possibility that she or he will not be able to return to work. Millions of people throughout the U.S. deal with this situation; some have been injured at home and others while on the job. There is also the possibility of being diagnosed with certain medical conditions that can leave a person incapable of working as well. For these individuals - some of whom live in Ohio - the only answer may be to seek out Social Security Disability benefits.

International Rare Disease Day is February 28

Many diseases are common and strike tens of millions of people; the common cold and the flu are among the most prevalent. At the other end of the spectrum are rare diseases, a disease so unusual that if you suffer from one of them and you are asked what is wrong, invariably, you receive a blank stare. If you are left disabled by the condition, you may face a difficult challenge when applying for benefits, like Social Security disability benefits (SSDI).

Oil industry riddled with fatalities

Though the oil industry is not as prominent in Ohio, it is still relevant and data reported by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding the industry is important to know. According to that data, oil workers and miners are victims of the highest number of deaths in some states. This is alarming and the circumstances surrounding some fatalities have resulted in wrongful death suits from survivors of the victims.

Food insecurity and disability

The United States is often seen as the "land of plenty." Starving and malnourished children are a thing of the past , something from the Depression-Era Dust Bowl or Sub-Saharan Africa. In recent years, the concern has shifted to the worries of childhood obesity, and obesity in general, as it carries with it a host of health concerns and disabling conditions like Type-2 diabetes.

New study reveals link between brain injury and infarctions

A study conducted by Sentient NeuroCare Services has revealed new information about traumatic brain injurys. According to the report, mild to severe vasospasm is seen in some victims of brain injury. This condition is associated with subarachnoid hemorrhages and it can cause certain areas of tissue to die due to a decreased supply of blood. Researchers believe that these factors should be monitored and could lead to conditional differences in care for patients.

Applications for SSDI decline in 2012

We have discussed the growth of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the pressures that places on the supporting resources. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that 2,820,812 people applied for SSDI last year. The good news is that is a good number, as it is the lowest number of applicants since 2009.

OSHA cites roofing company for worker's death

Many people working in the construction industry are aware of the risks and dangers their career choice imposes on them. Heavy machinery, grueling temperatures, industrial power tools - construction accidents can occur at any time if employers are not informative and employees are not held to certain safety protocols. Even when proper procedures are being followed, the risk for injury is still readily apparent.

Manufacturing blast injures two Sidney workers

Companies that handle hazardous materials must take extra precautions to protect the safety and health of their employees. Certain chemicals can cause explosions, fires and other unsafe conditions that can threaten employees' welfare. Two employees injured during a workplace accident at a Sidney, Ohio, manufacturer will almost certainly be eligible for workers' compensation after sustaining burns during a chemical blast.

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