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January 2013 Archives

SSDI benefits authorizer convicted of SSDI fraud

A Baltimore man was sentenced in federal court for Social Security disability fraud, federal health benefit program fraud and health care fraud. While Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) fraud is not uncommon, one element of this case makes it more noteworthy. The man was employed full time by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as a benefits authorizer for long-term disability benefit cases.

Electronic deposit for SSDI checks required by March 1

March 1 is the end of the paper check from the federal government. On that date, the Treasury Department will only be issuing benefit payments in an electronic format. These changes apply to Social Security Administration (SSA) benefits, including Old Age, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security disability insurance benefits (SSDI). It also includes veteran's benefits and federal employees.

Your condition could make it harder to receive SSD benefits

Injured workers in Ohio often find themselves struggling to acquire disability benefits. The Social Security Administration receives thousands of applications for Social Security Disability from people who have sustained injuries or have conditions that have left them unable to work. Many diseases and conditions are recognized by the SSA as worthy of disability benefits and one of the most recently added ones is fibromyalgia.

Proposed settlement to SSDI class action may allow rehearing of claims

When you apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits in Ohio, you may feel as if the Social Security Administration's (SSA) job is to make your life difficult. While the SSA has strict rules they must follow in approving applications, we generally assume they will be fair and reasonable when evaluating an application for SSDI benefits.

Concrete company appeals OSHA citations

In March of last year, the Kent Central Gateway transit center construction site was involved in an accident that took a man's life. The construction accident killed one of the employees working for a subcontractor, a concrete company from Akron, Ohio. According to reports, the deceased individual was a 49-year-old male from Barberton, Ohio.

Will Congress choose the correct chained CPI for SSDI COLA calculations?

In the latest round of negotiations involving the budget and deficit issues, Congress made no decisions regarding changing the consumer price index (CPI) used to calculate the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security old age benefits and disability insurance (SSDI). The COLA is very important for seniors and the disabled who rely on those benefits, as it prevent inflation from eating away at the value of the benefit.

Toyota injury suits set for trial after recall settlement

The infamous acceleration issues that some Toyota vehicles reportedly experienced several years ago are back in the news. A settlement was recently reached between claimants and the automobile manufacturer for consumers who experienced economic loss due to associated recalls. No settlement has yet been reached for those claiming wrongful death against the company and its vehicles.

VA faced with challenges for its disability program

Disability programs are difficult to administer, as we have discussed before. While some disabling conditions are more or less self evident, as with those conditions that Social Security includes within its Compassionate Allowances characterizations, many cases are fact-specific.

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