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Truck driver killed in serious crash

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2011 | Wrongful Death

In 2008, a terrible trucking accident rocked one man’s family forever. The man, a semi driver, was killed in a crash with another truck. In the aftermath, his family filed a lawsuit against the company that owned the other truck involved in the accident and allowed the irresponsible driver behind the wheel, despite his history of unsafe driving. The wrongful death suit ended when the deceased’s family was awarded $7 million. Trucking companies in Ohio and elsewhere have strict regulations to follow and can be held responsible if they fail to comply.

According to the accident report, the man held responsible for the crash was driving a truck for a timber company. While navigating a curve in the road, the truck’s trailer crossed into oncoming traffic and clipped a vehicle. The truck itself then crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into another vehicle. Because of this secondary impact, the truck crashed into the front of another semi. The driver of this second semi-truck died an hour later.

The suit alleged that the timber company had not properly examined the driving history of the driver who was determined to be partially responsible for the crash. The family accused the company of failing to perform a basic background check, which would have shown the timber company that the driver had previously had his license revoked on two separate occasions. The driver had apparently lied on his application to the company as well.

The federal court found the company 75 percent liable and the driver 25 percent liable. The family of the deceased driver was awarded $7 million in a unanimous verdict.

While this man’s family was awarded compensation from the other driver and his negligent employer, the victim in this case was also working when the crash occurred. Because of this, it may be possible for his family to collect compensation from his employer as well. Speaking to an experienced workers’ compensation may be helpful in filing a claim.

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