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November 2010 Archives

OSHA Fines Ohio Based Cooper Tire & Rubber for Willful Safety Violations

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., an Ohio based company, was fined over $206,000 by the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The fines were issued for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.'s failure to provide a safe environment for its workers at their manufacturing plants.

New OSHA Leadership in the Hot Seat, Critics Cannot Agree on Injury Reporting

In the past few years, the leadership at the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known more commonly as OSHA, has been completely revamped. The Obama administration brought in completely new officials to run the agency and focus on the issue of companies that violate workplace injury reporting rules.

Remembering Ohio's 1950 Blizzard Reminds Workers to Be Careful

Ohio residents remember the incredible storm that blew through the state the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1950. The storm began late Thanksgiving evening and grew over night while families slept warm in their beds with full bellies from the hearty meals consumed that evening. Temperatures dropped near zero and combined with 40 mile per hour winds to create some of the snowiest, iciest road conditions imaginable. Plows could not keep up with the 25 inches of snow that fell on the residential towns. Even though all public transportation had been cancelled, one man remembers trudging through the dangerous conditions to get to work at a time when every penny earned during every hour of employment mattered.

SSD Proposal's Impact on the Mentally Disabled May Depend on Interpretation

A new 34-page proposal for federal regulation of Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration may impact how applicants who have a mental illness will be evaluated in consideration of a person's fitness for work. The proposed regulation would impact people across the nation, including Ohio, who are applying for federal benefits.

Ohio SSD Benefits Wait Time Decreases, Senators Contend Wait Still Too Long

Wait times for decisions regarding Social Security Disability Benefits have historically been high in Ohio courts, but since 2008, the average wait time was reduced from a mean of 23 months down to 16 months. Although the federal government has made efforts to reduce the waiting period for determination of claims, a significant backlog in the number of undecided disability claims continue to cause claimants considerable and undue financial hardship.

Christmas Preparations in Ohio Leave Worker Injured

Although the warm weather may not make it seem so, Christmas is just around the corner. Store windows feature rosy cheeked Santas, detailed frosty snowflakes and silver belled ornaments. City officials have begun their own holiday decoration planning. Akron, Ohio officials planned for a blue spruce to adorn the city in their downtown holiday celebration. What they did not plan for was a work-related injury.

Investigation into Ohio City Worker Fatality Leads to Four Citations

On May 7, 2010, a public works employee had been directed to inspect and clean a sewer line located on Yankee Road in Middleton, Ohio. The 31-year-old worker died from nitrogen fumes inhaled during a workplace accident on the site. In an attempt to rescue the young worker, three firefighters were injured. The fatality prompted the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation's Public Employees Risk Reduction Standards Department to conduct a full investigation into the incident. The investigation spanned over a nearly six month period.

OSHA Asks for Extra Safety Precautions during Holiday Sales Events

Twinkly lights, red nosed reindeer, snow frosted trees and intricate flakes have started appearing in store windows all over Ohio, an indication that the holiday season is just around the corner. With the holiday season comes holiday sales. Beginning with Black Friday, the annual day after Thanksgiving sale, November and December are two of the busiest shopping months of the year.

SSDI Claims Rise Nationwide along with Disability Unemployment Rate

Unemployment rates across the country are at an all time low, and American citizens are feeling the effects of the significant economic downturn. People with disabilities seem to be experiencing a particularly hard employment period these past few months. According to a study conducted by Allsup, the unemployment rate for individuals suffering from a disability has risen to its highest quarterly rate in the past year. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities has continued to remain higher than the unemployment rate of the average able-bodied individual.

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