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Why Do We Need Workers’ Compensation Laws?

There is no denying that every workplace has its own set of dangers, and there is always the risk of suffering injury while performing your job duties. An accident in the workplace can render an employee unable to work and, in essence, provide for his or her family. Thanks to workers’ compensation, this doesn’t have to be the case. These laws exist to protect employees and their families against any unforeseen accidents or injuries that may arise while on the job.

Overview of Workers Compensation

Employers are also protected by carrying workers’ compensation. These insurance benefits allow employers to care for their employees financially under these unfortunate circumstances while also protecting themselves from possible legal action pursued by an injured worker. Receiving workers’ compensation benefits nullifies an injured employee’s right to sue for damages. Introduced by the government, workers’ compensation has proven itself beneficial over the years, especially in high-risk working environments, such as construction sites and the farming industry. Most injuries and fatalities on the job occur in the construction industry with scaffolding accidents and heavy machinery accidents being the most prevalent.

To obtain workers’ compensation benefits, the injured party must be an employee and have proof that the injury occurred while on the job and performing the duties associated with the job. Benefits are not limited to accident or injury. Illnesses or diseases contracted due to the working environment, such as exposure to toxins, may yield workers’ compensation benefits.

If you’ve suffered an injury while working on the job, you should seek out legal assistance to ensure the necessary steps are taken to obtain compensation. If your claim has been denied, contact a law office in your state today so that a workers’ compensation lawyer may review your case.