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Safety apps can reduce injury, need for workers’ comp

Safety apps for measuring heat, ladder angles and other risks that can lead to workplace injury can reduce the chances of on the job accidents.

Applications to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace abound, making the joke “there’s an app for that” applicable to issues pertaining to workplace safety. Some of these apps offer quality advice and others just take up space, offering little to no real benefit. In an effort to help guide employers, employees and safety experts alike to apps that can be beneficial, the Occupational Health & Safety magazine, a publication focused on problem-solving solutions and news for occupational health and safety professionals, published a list of the 10 best safety apps.

What apps are helpful?

Apps that topped the list include:

  • OSHA Heat Safety Tool. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that works to ensure workplaces are safe. This tool, offered by the agency, is designed to reduce the risk of heat related injuries at worksites. It calculates the heat index and provides an estimated risk level for outdoor work. It also offers protective measures like reminders for water breaks and signs of heat illness.
  • NIOSH Ladder Safety. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) released this app to allow workers to check the angles an extension ladder is positioned. Improper ladder angle can increase the risk of a fall. Too steep an angle can lead to a backwards fall while to shallow can result in the ladder bottoming out and sliding down building.
  • I-Auditor. This application is intended to mitigate the paperwork connected to a safety audit, helping to better ensure everyone involved knows what is expected during the audit. In theory, the app is intended to increase the likelihood of meeting the expectations and passing the audit.
  • AccuWeather. An additional tool to reduce the risk of weather related injuries, AccuWeather provides up to the minute weather reports for local conditions.

Although these apps can reduce the risk of workplace injuries, accidents still happen. Workers who are injured while working are likely eligible to receive compensation to help cover the costs associated with the injury through a workers’ comp claim.

What should I know about workers’ comp?

This system both protects the employer from lawsuits and allows the worker to receive compensation in a much more timely fashion than would occur if the worker went through the traditional court process. Unfortunately, it does not always work as it should. As a result, those who are injured while on the job are wise to seek the counsel of an experienced job injury lawyer. This legal professional will guide you through the claims process, working to increase your chances of a successful claim or fighting to appeal a denial.

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